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I thought about talking about this, and then decided against it, but after seeing someone draw a heart with “Polyamory” inside of it on the bathroom stall; I decided it was my subject for today, maybe one of many. 

Polyamorous, is very simply put : the state or practice of having more than one open romantic relationship at a time.

Webster says  so: Polyamory

The idea of multiple relationships usually falls into the realm of some Mormon joke about Sister Wives or some variation thereof, however there are people out there who do engage in multiple emotional relationships. In the article, “Polyamory: When Three Isn’t A Crowd” written by Emanuella Grinberg, she looks at both polyamory and specifically a triad between a married male and female, and their male partner.  Yes, that is right folks, this lady is involved with two men, which breaks the stereotype that there is a man with 10 or so wives. 

CNN Article

This has been a big year for recognizing, especially in the legal realm that heterosexual monogamous relationships are not the only relationships that exist. There are homosexual couples, and bisexual couples,  and now coming to light are non-monogamous relationships.  

Regardless of how people feel about this, the fact remains that people have these relationships, and it does seem like people are willing to be more open about them.  These folks from the article have done a lot in the Atlanta are in terms of promoting awareness and education for people practicing poly. 

My personal motto as long as people are adults and consenting of their own free will, then they are adults, and can make those decisions. I know poly makes people uncomfortable, since the comments section of the article devolved into a debate about the moral implications of relationships for the future.  I think that misses the whole, “poly is not for everyone” or “poly is a lot of work”  that was reiterated again and again in the article. I don’t know them personally, but  it did seem as though they were merely trying to bring awareness to the fact that there are people out their who love differently, and it is just that, love.  More importantly, I think they were trying to say that they too are people and have feelings and don’t want to be ostracized for living what is generally a mundane life, outside of their multiple partners. 

I guess I wanted to write this piece because one of the responses to the bathroom stall writing said, ” Eww”  and another said, ” No aids please.”  I found both to be bothersome, but the latter is reminiscent, and not really all that long ago, of how people assumed and still do that being gay will give you aids.  It would appear that those things that deviate  from the dominant heterosexual paradigm, are diseased and malformed. 

If half of what the article states is true, it seems as though these folks put in a lot of effort to communicate and be open about what they are feeling, and going through, and letting each other know what is or isn’t working. I don’t know about you guys, but that sounds like “normal” relationship stuff, or at the very least,  stuff you should be doing, whether you have 1 or 5 partners. 

Would love to know your thoughts!