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Last week we had an amazing round table with  Rebecca Kamen. She is a phenomenal artist, and I cannot stress enough how thought provoking and beautiful her pieces are.  Aside from her pieces being so captivating, the methodology behind them makes them that much more intriguing. She combines science and art in order to come up with these beautiful displays. She has a mind that is able to connect visually appealing images and installations that often depict events and processes that occur naturally in science.  I think it can be unanimous in saying that she was able to illuminate the minds of the crowd with her explanations of swirl patterns and overviews of scientists/artists who used their knowledge to depict these beautiful natural patterns and structures.

What is really mind blowing about her, is how she is able to engage audiences in subjects that can be daunting. I know the idea of neuroscience is fairly intimidating to me, but she presented these scientific disciplines and notions in an intriguing and approachable way.  More importantly, she truly encourages students to explore and look at science, technology, engineering, and math from an artistic lens.  There is beauty in it, and she manages to capture it and be inspired by it.

For a look at her work please check out her website: