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Things have been quite hectic lately, which is the reason for the silence, but we are back and in full steam, right before this semester draws to a close. I hope that everyone had a good holiday or at the very least a good reprieve from work / school.

This past week has been insane from Black Friday violence and unsettling amount of transportation vehicles turning over or crashing.  I hope everyone is doing alright and for those that have loss someone, my thoughts are with you.

Over the weekend I found this great story about  Mallika Sherawat, an actress who is not afraid to talk about her feelings towards the way women are treated in India.  She was confronted by a reporter who criticized her for presenting a negative image of India to Western societies, but Sherawat stood her ground. She elaborated on her feelings and gave many situations as examples of why she feels this way and why something needs to be done about it.

I like that people are worried about their country’s image, and it being represented poorly, instead of worrying about the things that are causing such a negative view. There have been horrific headlines coming out of India this fall, and I am sure that the country is not fond of the press, but maybe it is well past time for them to listen to what Sherawat is saying.