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This morning I rode the bus into work and  was wondering what was going through this guy’s head as he proceeded to complain about how awful American are, I believe the term used was “trash”. He went on this rant about how all these girls just wanted money and to be taken care of and that they did not really care about anybody, that they just wanted someone to take care of them. He also stated that these women were holding him back from where he wanted to be in life and that they were just going to keep dragging him down.  This continued for about ten minutes until this woman stepped in and told him how offensive he was being. I  can honestly say that I was not offended due to the fact that his comments reflected more about him than American women.  She did make some good points about how he was young and maybe needed some time to grow into himself. She also mentioned that his comments were a reflection of him and the women he chose to hang out with, rather than a reflection of ALL American women.  Her speech continued with how he talked about women being awful, but he was not really presenting himself as one of those good guys, and that he sounded just as bad as the women he was talking about. She said he was rude and disrespectful and because he talks about women in this manner that he will attract the kind of woman he claims to desire.   A man on the on the bus also jumped in and talked to him about personal responsibility and how is  in control of his own outcome rather than these terrible money-grubbing women holding him back.

I was rather touched and amused by this experience. I  was amused because this older man and woman schooled him, but  I am touched by the fact that they took the opportunity to educate this kid. Who knows if he will take the advice, but at least there is a chance that he might take something away from it. My hope is that he will and grow from this experience, even it takes some trial and error.

Bravo to these cool life teachers!