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I used to love the Olympics when I was a kid; I would get really excited about them, and loved seeing these women compete in an area that they were passionate about. At that time  I was heavily into soccer, so it was inspiring seeing these women get to such a high level and get the opportunity to show the world their skill. 

I hope that is what other little folks see; I hope that they are inspired and driven by these folks to go after their dreams. However, I  have noticed that whenever there are these women playing there are comments made about their beauty, their figure, and not much said about their talent. Who cares that they have devoted much of their time to staying in peak shape, and honing  their skills,  all that really matters is that they are hot. 

Throughout the past couple of weeks, all I  heard about was how hot the women’s curling teams are.  People would say,  ” I have no idea what curling is, but I like watching them” or “Is it a requirement for the women on the curling teams to be hot?”

There is nothing wrong with a woman being skilled and attractive, but I don’t see why whenever a woman is skilled, it is rare that she is complimented on her achievements or skills, it is about her physical attributes.