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Make-Up Things

A friend sent me this article from Jezebel, and it really placed a new perspective on the role make-up plays in women’s lives, and reinforced how old norms still weigh heavily on women.  

Make-up is very prevalent in our society, and as it is mentioned in the article it is even expected in some professional settings, which is unsettling and uncomfortable. This puts people with skin conditions or allergies in a great bind.  Are they less professional because they cannot wear make-up for medical reasons?

Another thing that was really poignant about this article is how there are women out there that love make-up, some of them are truly artists with what they do and how they can transform others.  I like how the article touches on how these women have every right to love make-up, shaving, etc if that is what works for them, it becomes an issue when partners use this as a means to demean, belittle and create a sense of inferiority. 

It seems to be a double-edged sword, it will cause grief no matter how you look at it.