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With the end of the semester fast approaching, we hope everyone is in good spirits and not letting the stress of taking finals or grading finals weigh them down.  Summer break is coming upon us, and it is a good time to catch up on some reading that often falls to the wayside between classes and other activities.

Throughout the summer we will be adding books to keep you entertained during the hot days of summer, or some of the rainy ones too.

The first book is a book that originally came out in 2012, “Overdressed: The  Shockingly High Cost  of Cheap Fashion” by Elizabeth Cline.  Here is an excellent review  of Overdressed that really emphasizes not only the ethics of where our clothes come from, but how it impacts our society as whole, from the people who produce the items, to the conditions they work in, and how we dispose of them once we are done with them.

Once again, Good luck on finals everyone!