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Lately there has been a lot of information flying around about street harassment, as well as a lot of videos that are demonstrating what people deal with on a daily basis.  There have been a lot of comments thrown around about how “men cannot even say hello to woman now”, which is completely missing the point.  The reality is that there are people trying to go about their day, and have comments thrown at  them that are either inappropriate flat out, or the way in which they said invite trouble.

This <a title=”Guy Walking Around NYC” href=”http://www.upworthy.com/guy-walking-around-nyc-for-10-hours-is-the-street-harassment-response-for-anyone-who-doesnt-get-it&#8221; target=”_blank”>video</a> with the roles reversed.

The other week while waiting for the train, some guy came up to me and said, “Hello, how are you?  I would like some Starbucks.” Looking at that words themselves, the words do not seem particularly offensive or threatening, but he managed to say all of those things in a way that made my skin crawl.  Who knew that someone could make Starbucks sound creepy? I really wanted to hop in the shower after that interaction.

What a lot of people have been saying, and what my own experiences have showed, yes the words themselves can seem fine enough, but either the way they are said, or the way the person is acting makes them seem threatening or pushy. However, there are times that the comments made are just are awful and verbally abusive. People should be able to go about their day, without having to worry about who and what is going to come up to them. And contrary to the comments the “man of honor makes” no we do not have to deal with it, and most people just want to be able to go about their day without having to have to rebuff, avoid, dissuade, flee from, defend oneself from some person (whether they are attractive or not, it comes out as creepy and invasive).

And to show that the world does still have some awesomeness it it, here is the remix to the CNN debate, which might be even better than the debate itself: