Weekly Events

Every Tuesday we will meet at the Women’s Center from 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. for our Round Table Discussion.  We will have different topics each week; please feel free to stop in and join us.  Check back for an updated schedule of events.

November 2013 Calendar Women’s Center

November 6 :       11:15-12:15         AA 331

Round Table – Putting STEAM into STEM – Rebecca Kamen’s work explores the nexus of art and science. She has exhibited and lectured all around the world including NIH, MIT and many other world class institutions. Hear her talk about her experiences and inspire discussion about how the boundaries of art and science are more fluid than we think and how each discipline can inform and inspire the other.

November 6:        3:30-4:30              AA 331

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring – Anyone is free to participate in sharing with other students challenges, celebrations and support.

November 7:        2-3                          AA 331

Gay Straight Alliance

November 7:        4:30-7                    AA 196

Women’s Center and Psychology Department team up to show “Crazy Like Me”, a film about five interwoven stories that focus on mental illness and its impact on those it affects, their friends and families. After the movie there will be panelists to discuss issues surrounding depression, bipolar, and PTSD.

November 13:      11:15-12:15         AA 331

Round Table: Dr. Abeba Fekade leads a discussion about resilience.

November 14:      2-3                          AA 331

Gay Straight Alliance

November 19:      2-3                          AA 331

Round Table – Topic to be announced

November 20:      4:30-7:20              AA 196

Movie: “Girls Rising” (http://www.girlrising.com/) offered by Women’s Studies, Psychology, and cosponsored by AAUW. The film tells about nine girls from around the world and the strength of the human spirit and the power of education to positively transform the world.

November 21:      2-3                          AA 331

Gay Straight Alliance

November 26: 2-3                               AA 331

Round Table: Topic to be announced



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